Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rage against the dying of the light

Every morning I start my day off with a Facebook scroll down. I look to see who is saying what, doing what, to laugh, and to think. I went outside to breathe after several mornings of race-related, borderline hate-based, postings from people of all genres, colors, shapes, and genders (all a product of reactions of recent events). For some reason, I thought about Dylan Thomas's famous poetry and line stating, "Rage, rage against the dying of the light", and whilst I have always thought of this line as a fight in life in general, this morning I saw it a little differently.

Shouldn't we "rage against the dying of the light" in different ways than just in generality? and not just against death? Maybe, just maybe, the light is love, caring, peace, hope, and maybe there are really worse things than death. Is death what we should rage against? Or, is raging an oxymoron, because maybe it is the antecedent of rage to be in the "light"?

I think hate is worse than death. I think breeding vengeance is worse than death. I think making yourself above others of any race, creed, age, gender, body type, religion (or non-religion), just because you feel entitled is worse than death. I think harboring meanness and teaching our innocent youth to discriminate is worse than death. All those aforementioned seem awful dark to me. And yet, there is such a fine distinction here.

What we say with our words can effect so much, and yet so many fail to realize. Teach history to teach others what we did right and to not repeat what we did wrong, even if that history is 5 minutes ago. Teach love and non-discrimination, not perpetuate that which we know wrongfully exists and for most of us are completely disgusted with. Do not belittle in the face of anger. Try to make others see that we are more alike than we are different. Try to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, even when your shoes are dirty and wet. Remember, a vast majority of us have feet.

I am saddened when steps are taken backwards in my own personal "rage against the light" and attempts to share it, because in this case my rage is not rage at all...but love. I want to tell all my friends and neighbors of all kinds that I love them, because they, too, are worthy of love. I want to tell anyone who feels that they have been wronged as a people or a kind that I am sorry for the rage of a different sort and by a different type of person. There is evil in this world, and most likely there always will be. So, let's "rage against the dying of the light", let's rage in love and companionship, and maybe that evil won't be so perpetual and deep-stricken. Have hope. Have peace. Have love...and be indiscriminate.

"Do not go gentle into that good night" ~ Dylan Thomas


  1. Beautifully written and it is clear that it comes from a heart filled with love and light for all mankind... THANK YOU for your words and your inspiration...

    1. One of my nightly prayers is for God to please help and guide my thoughts, actions and words. Its very very hard when I see what is unfolding before my eyes. I have not given up hope that there is more good out there but with our ever changing techno advances it seems negativity sells and all that comes with that word. Not enough good is dispersed amongst the masses from the media. We are force fed horrible shows about material crap and how awful people of all ages treat one another. Politically we are so divided that I'm sure in my life time we will see a civil war. I believe in the universe and that we are all connected and all interrelated. I despise the fact that our world is not moving forward enough from hate. Our future is just a repeats of the past. Im very guilty of losing my cool and verbally giving up. In a perfect world I see everyone loving, kind and helping one another to build each other up and respect all things connected to earth. I value the wisdom of the Native Americans and their ancient beliefs about all living things and humanity. I also believe that the perfect world is the afterlife, Heaven and we wont see that here on Earth. Because Earth is our life lesson and a place where we could go learn and grow and see what path we choose. All I can do is try to be the best person I can. Help when possible and zip my lip when I know nothing good is about to spew out. I really would like to see people who have massive influence on this planet turns things around in a very positive light and slam down anything hateful, materialistic and negative but it has to come from a good place. Not for financial gain or power. Just because they want to see everyone and everything good. I feel your words and understand what you mean. Thanx for sharing Heather,


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