Thursday, February 25, 2010

I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed (THANKS Feng Shui)

Well, I am in one of those moods that usually go with a horrible, no good, very bad day...But, I'm really not having a bad day...JUST A BAD MOOD. I think I woke up on the WRONG side of the bed today.

Hmmm, but then to avert my attention from my moodiness, I wonder: What does that mean? Wouldn't I have to sleep on a particular side of the bed to wake up on that side (or roll around a lot). Ramblings? Maybe, but I do have a point...a pointless point...but still a point:

Turns out, Feng Shui (which is the method the Chinese use to place harmony with things/people in their environment) in addition to psychological/physiological findings about the workings of the brain (go figure on this one) helped to establish the "wrong side of the bed bit". See, the left side of the brain is more rational/logical/analytical and the right side is more emotional/imaginative/artsy. And, in Feng Shui, the Chinese regard the left side of the brain with family/health/money/power. Therefore it is very apprehensively concluded that the LEFT side is the "right" side...hmmmm

So, yes...today (and everyday), I rose to the left. I tend to be the analytical sort. But, this doesn't really empirically back this theory that there is indeed a "wrong side of the bed", since I rose on the left and am feeling rather on the mood ENHANCED side. The LEFT side was NOT the RIGHT side today. And, since your left foot is controlled by the RIGHT side of your brain. That doesn't really fit either, now does it. According to the physical structures of the brain, a less fragile of a mood would actually start with the RIGHT FOOT FORWARD (and wouldn't matter the side of the bed).

Maybe... I should have just stayed in bed :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Ok, I am ALL for technology within reason...But, honestly, does anyone else think this is too much:
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Kotaku calls it a "fast finger keyboard".
I have recently stated that the iPad will probably change the world, much as the iPhone did. I am all for technology with purpose. Having instant access to the web-on-the-go changed how we accessed information and each other forever (for the good and not-so-good also, but that is another discussion). As for the iPad, Having instant access to full page periodicals all neatly delivered on a hand-held device will make reading more efficient and more practical in our now more bustled lifestyle. I'm sure there will be pros and cons (as of the time wasting potential of the iPhone), but all-in-all, I see potential.

But, really? What improvement are we making for ourselves here with a "fast finger keyboard"? Does LOL or TTYL take too much out of our fingers? WHEW, I almost broke a sweat! And, will the already formed acronyms eventually lead to young people writing IMO, yet having NO idea what the letters indicate. Well, IMO, this is a $25 waste of money. People who spend abundant hours chatting online using acronyms are probably not in need of too many millisecond time saving measures.

And, since we are on the topic...JIC, UDK how to translate an IM, FYI there is a TXT/IM dictionary you can use. S2S there are actually 100s of them. (I wonder how many teens use an IM dictionary more than a Websters? hmm). It is just pathetic. F2F interaction is not completely outdated. WITW coming to?

Man, I'm exhausted. Hitting that shift key and only typing out letters instead of words just took it completely out of me. TAFN. L8RG8R (as I pass out from pure lethargy)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Takin' Advantage of FREEdom

To get straight to the point..
Dr. McAnaney's office held a "free dental clinic" all day today. I saw this all on the 5 o'clock news. I couldn't help but laugh when the news anchor bluntly said (repeatedly), "Now, they are offering only ONE, I repeat, only ONE procedure per patient". I wonder JUST how many free-loaders went out there to get their ENTIRE mouth overhauled.

Now, this was QUITE a kind and generous gesture on behalf of Texoma Dental Care, and I am sure that it was MUCH appreciated by all that attended. But, I can't help but feel sorry for the poor suckers who worked there today.

I saw several people in line without teeth, probably hoping for FULL dental implants for free. Can you imagine the mouths that showed up, and can you imagine picking only ONE procedure to perform? lol

Well, inside those tents was probably very interesting. And,while I do NOT want to make light of people who are need of dental care or who are in desperate need of assistance, I would like to take a moment and reflect (ie. laugh) at the HUGE line of folks who were in attendance.

My imagination cannot help but to form a detailed image of complaints, halitosis, and missing tooth lispsss. And so, I would like to say that it was VERY kind for Texoma Dental Care to do what they did. And, on behalf of all the yuck mouths (and receptors of those mouths) who did receive some sort of treatment today (even if it were limited and incomplete), I would like to say thank you for giving to our community. We do not see such givingness everyday. It must've TRUELY been "Dentistry from the Heart".

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby Banshee

At some point in everyone's life their parent says, "Just wait until you have kids...Payback's a comin'." Well, apparently I didn't understand the breadth of this statement.

I am convinced that I currently have the noisiest baby on the face of the planet. At least every hour, he takes a deep breath, opens his jaws as WIDE as he can, and lets out this screech that is louder than a chainsaw but only 10 or 20 decibles quieter than a jet plane.

SEVERAL other people have proceeded to tell me how CUTE this behavior is. UGH! Yes, he is a very adorable little critter. And, (again) YES, he has beautiful dimples and crystal blue eyes. HOWEVER, he could WAKE THE DEAD. I just spent over an hour listening to him SCREAM his head off. I seriously think I saw his head spin completely around on his neck! I thought about grabbing a cross and some Holy water, just in case.

Most of the time, he just enjoys hearing the sound of his shrill little (or not so little) voice. But tonight, he is sick. He doesn't feel well, and his tiny little button of a nose is stuffy. So, he decided that instead of sniffling or whining that he would put his VOICE to work.

I have NO idea how something SO loud can come out of something so tiny. And, how on God's green Earth does something SO cute make such an atrocious sound? I mean, I'm pretty sure my dogs were not barking at a neighbor walking or at a passing train...but at my baby. I think my outdoor critters would hold their ears if they could. My outdoor critters are wishing my indoor critters to be quiet. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

Well, he is asleep now. He let Keener put him down...FINALLY (which made me feel like crap for a minute...not too long, because he IS actually sleeping). I looked in on him a minute ago, and he is angelic. His face was relaxed, palms open, and breath shallow and soft.

I suppose one day I will be wishing for the banshee to return, to no avail. For now, I am enjoying the pitter patter of not feet...but my keyboard....ahhhh.

**UPDATED** Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  • Love my boys equally and have them know that
  • Go to a wine tasting
  • See a live polar bear
  • Water ski
  • Build a time capsule
  • Plant a tree
  • Take a long car trip witout whining :)
  • Hatch baby ducks
  • Learn to crochet
  • Dress very formally for something
  • Do something crazy that I would never do
  • Feel okay in public looking a hot mess
  • Have a huge food fight
  • REALLY help someone I have never met
  • Build a HUGE sandcastle on the beach
  • Take my kiddos to Disney World
  • Sing Christmas carols at a nursing home
  • Ski down a black ski run
  • Write and publish a book
  • Start a blog (check) :)
  • Intervene in and change a young person's life
  • Laugh with my boys until we ALL cry
  • Ski dive
  • Make my family proud
  • Cook a HUGE holiday meal by myself
  • Feel good in a bikini
  • See and hold my grandbabies
  • Own some sort of unusual animal
  • Go on a HONEYMOON (that we never got)
  • Go camping in a tent (I might change my mind on this later)
  • Volunteer for a cause I feel strongly about
  • Teach my boys empathy and compassion
  • Put all my recorded videos actually onto DVDs
  • See friends I thought I would never see again
  • Be an inspiration to someone
  • Watch a meteor shower
  • Dance as crazy as I want for as long as I want in public
  • Live in the country
  • Dress up like a clown and act silly
  • Buy an entire new wardrobe and not feel guilty
  • Get Lasik surgery
  • Do something really special to let my husband know HOW much I love and appreciate him
  • See my kids in a school play/event
  • Drive a tractor
  • Cook a meal out of a recipe book that looks like something I would never accomplish
  • Have my kids KNOW I will always be there for them and love them no matter what
  • Ride in an airplane
  • See a cavern/cave
  • Visit a national park
  • Play a practical joke on someone that is unforgettable
  • See my sister's children play with mine
  • Grow an awesome garden
  • Publish more research articles
  • Be surprised by someone else's kindness
  • Do a backflip on a trampoline
  • Befriend a foe
  • Learn the entire Thriller dance
  • Take a risk in the stock market

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quick Parenting Book (or for those who work with children) Recommendation

Michele Borba, Ed. D is a top regarded parenting/childhood development/childhood education author (recently featured on Dr. Phil, of all places). My recent additions from her repertoire are "Parents Do Make A Difference" and "The Big Book of Parenting Solutions". I highly recommend both. Although, "Parents Do Make A Difference" is my favorite.

Borba focuses on character and self-esteem. I noticed that Aden used a lot of "I can'ts". Since reading and implementing Borba's recommendations, I have noticed a great change in him. He tries harder, longer, and has less tantrums.

Anywho, for any of you parental figures out there, go check her stuff out. It is easy to read and easy to use.

Challenge of an opinion-ator

I hear all kinds of personal opinions on matters irrelevant to the opinion-ator. Why do people care if I change my haircolor? Choose not to have a traditional wedding? Give money they think I shouldn't to charity? Why interfere themselves in choices about my child's health that they obviously know nothing about? Seriously, there is probably someone out there who cares how I wipe my bottom end, and he/she would probably give me step-by-step instructions on how to become more efficient at the job.

Why do other people concern themselves with trivialities that will not harm them or anyone else? Is it pure boredom? How bored do you have to be to care what color I paint my damn walls or which direction I mow my lawn?

I don't know how many countless times I have heard: OHhhh my goodness, did you see H-ER shoes? Well, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that! Did you SEE that mother over there? She MUST have 7 children? That wedding was just pitiful. That flowergirl had no poise. lol.

I know, these are just random instances of opinionators at their handiwork...BUT, I actually have heard these "opinions" all recently. So, I thought I would address to anyone out there who might be guilty.

Come ON, folks. Do SHOES really make a person? Do you think that probably sometime in YOUR life someone else made criticisms of your choice in attire? Could the frazzled mother need a hand instead of a put-down? And, really...HOW many times have I heard the wedding critique?? IT is a FREE party for goodness sake...QUIT YOUR BITCHIN'.

Is this tendency innate? I mean, this callousness for humanity must be inborn. Then again, I could see the nurture debate on this one. These OPINIONATORS clan together. They whisper and giggle their insanities, thinking they are all too wise.

In fact, they think they are better than other people. They think their poo smells like posies. They MUST. You must have some sort of grandiosity about you in order to have opinions on EVERYTHING. So...maybe I am the opinionative one...Maybe? But, at least I have respect and niceity in my heart.

You ask how to BEAT the opinionator? Well, I say give them something to talk about. Hold your head proudly and wear (gasP) brown and black boots with a pink and red top. Wear red hair when your natural is blonde. Go non-traditional all the way, if you so please...

--YES!!!>>> Go non-traditional, be YOURSELF...be NICE...show LOVE to your common (or not so common) man/woman...and don't cling to people who bring you down into the abyss of critical discourse...or THOUGHT. Clear your mind and clean your soul...

Perhaps pick up a book on something that interests you :) It will eradicate some of that nasty boredom...te he he

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